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Corrosion electrochemical principle, method and application (王凤平、康万利、敬和民、李杰兰、余刚)

ГруппаУчебная литература
Область науки
Технические науки
Название на русском языкеCorrosion electrochemical principle, method and application (王凤平、康万利、敬和民、李杰兰、余刚)
Авторы на русском языкеFengping Wang, Wanli Kang, Hemin Jing, Jielan Li, Gang Yu
Вид издания на русском языкекнига
Издательство на русском языкеChemical Industry Press, 2008. - 314 с.


This book focuses on the electrochemical corrosion and the protection of metal materials, and it is mainly divided into three parts. The first part elaborates the principle of corrosion electrochemistry, including the basic concepts of metal corrosion, the thermodynamics in corrosion process, the cathodic process of electrochemical corrosion, the passivation of metals, the partial corrosion of metals, and the corrosion of metals in the natural environment. The second part mainly introduces the test method of corrosion electrochemistry, which mainly includes the basic knowledge of corrosion electrochemical measurement, steady-state polarization curve measurement and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method. And the last part is the electrochemical protection technology of metal which is also named as material protection technology. This part mainly introduces corrosion electrochemistry of corrosion inhibitors, electrochemical protection of metals, electroplating, etc.

This book is collaborated through continuous summarization, modification and innovation in the base of the author's teaching and experimental experiences, combined with their colleagues’ experience and results of metal corrosion and protection research. It covers both the basic principles of corrosion electrochemistry and the corrosion electrochemistry test technology. At the same time, the “Selection Materials” and “Introduction to Scientists” attached to each chapter expand the reader's knowledge and open the reader's horizon in related fields.

One of the characteristics of this book is to combine theory with practice, which is showed as combining electrochemical theory with corrosion electrochemical testing. Another important character is highlighting the protection technology related to corrosion electrochemistry, which aims to show how to use the knowledge of corrosion and electrochemistry for industrial and agricultural production.


Издание "Corrosion electrochemical principle, method and application (王凤平、康万利、敬和民、李杰兰、余刚)" (Fengping Wang, Wanli Kang, Hemin Jing, Jielan Li, Gang Yu) отмечено юбилейной наградой (25 лет Российской Академии Естествознания)