Юбилейная XLVI Международная выставка-презентация
научной, учебно-методической и художественной литературы

Английская супрасегментальная фонетика

ГруппаУчебная литература
Область науки
Гуманитарные науки
Название на русском языкеАнглийская супрасегментальная фонетика
Авторы на русском языкеВишневская Г.М., Левина Т.В.
Название на английском языкеEnglish Suprasegmental Phonetics
Авторы на английском языкеVishnevskaya G.M., Levina T. V.
Издательство на русском языкеИваново, 2007. - 140 с.


This text-book has been written with the aim of supplying university level students with broader knowledge about suprasegmental characteristics of English speech. Most of the books in English theoretical phonetics are concentrated on describing the segmental elements of the phonetic system of the language which is reasonable enough since vowels and consonants constitute the ‘body’ of any world language. However, suprasegmental or prosodic qualities of oral speech are crucial for conveying  a variety of meanings in human communication. They are complex by nature, their structure is not elementary, and their functional importance is significant. Besides, since the English language is the target language in the learning process, it undergoes certain changes under the influence of the learner;s native tongue. These changes are most obvious in the suprasegmentals of oral speech, especially in its intonation.

Thus, the book sets up a description of the main suprasegmental features of modern Englishwith an outlook for didactic aspects in the teaching of English pronunciation in the Russian classroom.

There are three parts in this book: Part I (Syllable), Part II ( Word Stress), Part III (Intonation). List of references contains a sufficient number of books in English, Russian, German and French  recommended for further reding. Appendix includes a glossary of linguistic and phonetic terms.

The authors’ goal was to focus on the issues absolutely essential for linguists and phoneticians, both teachers and students, and indispensable for achieving better long-term knowledge retention in the field of modern phonetic science as one of the complex university disciplines. Phonetics is known as one of the most advanced departments of human knowledge. The authors’ aim was also to encourage the students ambition in broadening their philological horizons and making them apply their knowledge of phonetic theory in their future professional carrier as teachers of English as a foreign language with a focus on the pronunciation issues.


Издание "Английская супрасегментальная фонетика" (Вишневская Г.М., Левина Т.В.) отмечено юбилейной наградой (25 лет Российской Академии Естествознания)